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When talking about gaming, we usually start with the 80s, that is, let’s talk about digital gaming. Of course, there have been gaming for hundreds of years before that, in fact thousands, but nowadays it’s almost always about digital gaming. For example, what adult gambling lovers can play are found from site, or games that we can download directly to smartphones or from Steam directly to our home computer – nowadays we no longer go to the game store to get games physically, but the games are available for download wherever we are at any time.

The next step in gaming

A few years ago, games that combined movement with gaming began to appear on the gaming market, in which the movements of the gamepad required a person’s own movement, or dance mats and motion sensors were introduced for dance games, but the problem or limitation of these games based on the first generation of movement was that they were closely tied to the location of the gaming machine and its accessories.

Mobile-and mobility based games became quite quickly, and both Playstation and Nintendo Wii gaming machines were installed in restaurants  to the delight of people. This stage of gameplay is still there, but not as intense as it came – after that came the bank-blown Pokemon Go – Niantic developer’s smartphone-based game, where players move anywhere in the world looking for and catching pokemon characters. It was released in July 2016 in the United States and quickly progressed through the entire globe. In 2018, its player count was even over 133 million concurrent  players, and Pokemon  hunters were trapped under cars all over the globe, with these players so enchanted by the game that the world around them was forgotten – today, six years after its launch, Pokemon Go has leveled off at around 71 million players, so although it’s a bit of a drop in popularity, it’s still a really popular game.  Pokemon Go is a true hybrid game, as it takes the player away from being tied to a place and allows you to chase characters wherever you are.

The third stage in this gameplay, which combines movement and play, is now in the development phase, and in fact the first games must already be tested in the game studios’ own premises. In these state-of-the-art motion-sensing games, players play against each other in a virtual world, but they themselves and their movements are completely virtualized to another world – where the player can see a full 360 degrees around them, but still actually move around their own small space, for example, the size of one empty room, with padded walls and floors, as the player himself is wearing VR glasses, and he is moving in his own opinion quite  in a different world.

In gambling this has brought the live casino gaming with roulettes, poker, craps etc – there are now more casino table games playable from home than there are in the local casino….

The digital age came and conquered everyday life

Mobile phones came even before the internet age, but it wasn’t until the 2010s that phones gradually reached the style of a smartphone like the one we have today, with which it was possible to take over several everyday chores, from ordering and paying for goods, even to monitoring and managing one’s own hobbies. At the same time, all forms of gaming also grew on mobile, and today almost 50% of Finnish adults play some kind of digital game even reasonably actively – so gaming has become an accepted adult pastime. And in this gaming, gambling in particular has moved to mobile and at the same time the gender distribution of players has evened out, as any adult can play various online casino games at any time, either to pass the time without money, or through their own gaming account with money.

is one of these modern gaming sites that offers extensive and modern casino games for lovers of both slot and card games. Especially in card gaming, these modern casino live games have made available a key new world with games and entertainment. Games that were previously only playable in casinos or restaurants are now available to play live, even at work during a coffee break, on the subway on a business trip, or on the couch at home during commercial breaks – that is, just when you feel like you could play a round or two of blackjack games now.

Responsible Gaming

This new-age gaming has also brought more thinking to gaming – whereas in the past adults put it in a euro or two when they left the store at that slot machine, nowadays we play more at online casinos, if only because the casino’s own account shows how much you have played and won. You can also responsibly think of  suitable limits for yourself, so that gambling  does not interfere with everyday life, and even if you are more excited about playing, you can still set yourself suitable monthly limits in advance – which will keep your own gambling in check – and thus play at a level that is responsible for yourself.

However, even in card games, gambling is very much a game of chance, as no one knows what the next card is, and everyone knows that in casino card games there is always that little formality that gives the casino a small advantage, and it can be found in all games – but that doesn’t mean you can’t win next time – it’s all about luck and a small part of the skill of knowing how to bet at just the right point. As that old cowboy poker song told you: you need to know when to fold, and when to bet all in.


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