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We here at want to tell people, who love the games, about the latest promotions around the World, as well as about the latest slot games. But those slot games are even more published at our site.

Casinofriends would like to combine the 2: casino and friends, as nowadays all gaming is possible from home, and if you play via Twitch or YouTube, you can have your remote friends playing with you – or even with Teams- why not? No need to travel to actual casinos anymore.

One thing though needs to be said and written: we do not have nothing to do with the casino called Casino And Friends, or with Friendscasino…..

There are only too many times you can play ‘Never Have I Ever’ with friends before it gets repetitive. Sometimes you want to try something refreshing, something you’ve never done before.

Quick question: when was the last time you played Texas Hold’em with friends? Oh, yeah, before the lockdown. Fortunately, we care about game night wight friends. And we’ve prepared a list of the best social casino games to play online. Let’s get into it.

Livecasinogames : check at our LiveCasinoHot-site

Slot machines at online casinos

Slots are the most popular casino games online. They are exciting, simple to play and can keep you hooked as you try to hit that magical million-dollar jackpot. Fortunately, you don’t need real money to chase money in Scatter Slots.

In the 2011-created game, you get the chance to play over 100 slots alone or with friends. That means you can follow a career mode and try making as much money as possible with friends.

The mobile-friendly game has over 20 million active users. If your friends fail to turn up after your many invites, you can always have fun playing with people from all parts of the world.

Casino and online live gaming —Slots, Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker

Casino games online looks too good to be true, yet it is a genuine game that lets you play a variety of slots and card games free of charge.

You get to create a world of casinos one step at a time. And that means it could be incredibly fun when done with friends. You could all compete to see who creates the most establishments in a day or challenge one another to earn as many coins as possible.

But if competing to win coins with no real value feels unfulfilling, play real money casino games. Yes, you can play slots, roulette, poker and blackjack with friends. If you love the experience, then you wager using real cash.

Most casino offers are geographically grouped. Please find your offers according to your location.

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