Kalamba News Round Up #24

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Last month we spoke of action and adventure, and at risk of being monotonous, we’ve got more of the same! Can consistent action and adventure actually be monotonous? We’re not sure it can, so strap yourselves in for another dose of Kalamba excitement courtesy of our latest exotic games and feats of superhuman endurance!

With that kind of introduction, we could only start in the Caribbean onboard a swashbuckling galleon in search of booty! Yes, she’s back – Caribbean Anne 2 sees our intrepid hero on the hunt for new treasure and untold riches! This sequel to the smash-hit original takes place on a beautiful tropical island and features new and returning characters from the first game with numerous feature tweaks and all-new game mechanics.

With a maximum win of up to 14,000x the bet, Caribbean Anne really means business this time around, so unfurl the mainsail and get searching for big wins!

Locking wild respins, a Caribbean Anne multiplier and Unlimited free spins where it’s possible to win cash prizes attached to K-Cash Spins symbols, four levels of cashpots or two types of bonus, so there’s always something to be on the hunt for.

Equally as intrepid, but definitely more on the right side of international maritime law is our CCO Giles Lucas, who has only completed a 7km charity swim from Gozo to Malta! .

Joining him in the epic feat was our friend David Flynn, CEO of Glitnor Group. The adventure, a day later than planned due to weather conditions, was for two charities – Prostate Cancer Research UK and Embrace Diversity Organisation Malta. They’re charitable organisations that do some amazing work, so if you’re able, you can donate here.

Back on dry land and back to industry business, Spanish slots players can now access Kalamba Games’ portfolio of award-winning slot machines via betragaperras.es

BeTragaperras.es is a guide to online casinos in Spain and to Spanish slots whose goal is to create as complete a picture of the market as possible.

The provider-specific brand listing for each site together is always good to see, and with professional reviews of our most popular releases so far we are quite sure that our slots will become a great addition to their extensive game library.

Gareth Dando, Head of Marketing at Kalamba said:

“We’re really pleased to be working with BeTragaperras and we look forward to an excellent collaboration!”

As if we haven’t reported enough excitement in this month’s round-up, perhaps the biggest commercial news is that Kalamba has just been awarded an MGA licence, hot on the heels of certifications in Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands. A huge thank you must go to all the teams who worked on this – it’s a measure of how far we’ve come over the last five years.

Steve Cutler, our CEO and Co-Founder , said:

“This is a huge milestone for the company that cements us firmly into the licenced gaming club. It is a great testament to all the hard work from the team and the multiple hurdles we have had to jump over to get to where we are.”

“We are five years old in December, have achieved more than most already and plan to keep on the same path. We also recently hit the awesome milestone of 50+ people in the company.”

What a way to round off the round-up! It means a lot to us that we can report such consistently positive news, it goes to show the passion and hard work that runs through Kalamba and all that work here. We’re proud to share it with you!

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