Netherlands to heavily limit gambling adverts from 2023; Shirt sponsorship ban starts in 2025


It will be more difficult for online gambling companies to advertise their games of chance starting in 2023. The Netherlands will then ban several forms of advertisement, including sponsoring the shirts of sports teams, starting in 2025, Legal Protection Minister Franc Weerwind said on Friday.

The associated bill will be introduced in phases. A ban on untargeted advertising will come into effect in 2023. This concerns advertising that people have not actively shown an interest in, such as by using search engines online to find gambling websites. From 2024, online gambling companies will no longer be allowed to sponsor programs and events. A year later, there will be a ban on sponsoring sports facilities and shirts.

That means that sports clubs that are currently sponsored by online gambling companies have two and a half years to find other sponsors, according to the plan.

Online gambling became legalized and licensed in the Netherlands on October 1. This also made it possible for gaming platforms to advertise. The “deluge” of advertisements, which included famous Dutch people, led to great irritation among members of parliament in the Tweede Kamer.

Last week, Weerwind announced an immediate ban on the use of celebrities and role models in gambling advertisements. Famous people in gambling commercials were setting the wrong example as far as he is concerned.

However, the Tweede Kamer is pushing for a total ban. Weerwind believes he is fulfilling the wishes of MPs with the bill. “The Cabinet and I think sports are very important. But at the same time I want to suppress gambling and gambling addiction.”



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