Play’n Go: Let us introduce you to Cat Wilde

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Cat Wilde is more than the daughter of famous adventurer Rich Wilde… 

Like father like daughter, Cat Wilde has already got plenty of adventures under her belt. Having already travelled to the mythical waters of Atlantis, the ancient Aztec temples, and to the sands of Ancient Egypt… 

Something tells us there are plenty more adventures to come. 

Keeping it in the family

We first meet Cat Wilde in Rich Wilde and the Shield of Athena.


This zealous father-daughter duo ventures into the waters of Atlantis in search of the Shield of Athena. It’s said that it bears the face of the gorgon, Medusa.  

Going solo 

It wasn’t going to be long before Cat Wilde ventured out on her own, right? 

Cat Wilde can’t shake the sands of Ancient Egypt from her mind. It has been said that the Three Kings combined their treasures placing a curse upon them so that no mortal may ever remove them from their tomb.

Will this curse keep Cat Wilde away? We think not. 


Cat Wilde’s travels take her to the kingdom of the Aztec Sun God in her next adventure.  

Legend has it that a ritual incurs where the Sun God must pass his power to the Moon Goddess. On this night, the walls of the great temple will flow with treasures beyond wildest dreams.  

The Book of Dead has been within the Wilde family for as long as Cat Wilde can remember. Under a dust-coated cover, an ancient chest holds something the Wilde’s haven’t laid eyes upon for decades.  

Thumbing the pages of this cursed book, she notices that pages are missing, no, an entire chapter… 

When adventure comes calling, Cat can’t help but answer as she returns to Ancient Egypt. 

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