The Finnish Gambling Law reform has just been approved


Breaking!!! The Finnish Gambling Law reform has just been approved in the Finnish Parliament’s plenary session. Most of the changes will enter into force January 1, 2022 and PSP-blocking in the beginning of 2023.

Most notable changes include:

(1) Payment blocking scheme is a brand new feature. The National Police Board (“NPB”) may start compiling the payment blocking list (“black list”) already in 2022 while the PSP-blocking will begin in 2023. Only the gambling companies infringing the Lotteries Act (1047/2001) marketing prohibitions may be added to the black list. Payment blocking includes only payments from the Finnish inhabitants to the black listed gambling companies and not the vice versa. 

(2) Administrative penalty system against entities infringing the marketing prohibitions will be introduced. Administrative penalty may be avoided if the infringing entity takes immediate and sufficient action or if a conditional fine from the same infringement.

(3) The NPB will get more resources for their supervision measures.

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