West Virginia passes esports betting bill amendment

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West Virginia lawmakers have passed House Bill 4826, an amendment to the state’s legal sports betting industry which allows operators to accept wagers on esports events. 

The bill classes esports within the sporting discipline, allowing West Virginia residents to wager on competitive gaming events in the same capacity they would a traditional sports match. The bill defines esports as “electronic sports or competitive video game played as a game of skill for spectators.”

Language in HB 4826 is as broad as it reads. Licensed operators are free to post and accept bets on esports without additional restrictions. The novelty of esports betting has seen several states incorporate additional requirements, such as bet limits or separate regulatory approval, in order to offer esports wagering opportunities.

HB 4826 was introduced in February and signed into law in March; the legislation will likely take several months before coming into effect. 

West Virginia will become one of a growing number of states to legalise esports betting. This list includes Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington.

As Esports still is a newcomer within betting, it still has the best odds and possibilities for surprises. The organizations and teams do not have that history, nor do thjey have that solid background that the traditional sports do have – its coning, but in the meantime there can be found a lot to bet within Esports. As there are more than 50 games that are played as pro-level, there will more more of the coming into betting lists – but such as with traditional sports, pick you games, pick the news – and start betting.


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