The Big Change in European Gaming


It is happening all around in gaming, and not just igaming, but in all Gaming. It started in Asia, and has now spreaded in Europe and Americas: it’s the mobile gaming. How does it affect gaming as a whole in Europe, and how it is chancing the gaming environment? What is the future of brick and mortal establishments?

Is PayPal minimum deposit casinos part of the solution, or just one type of service to help the gamers get into gaming faster and easier? After all, there are well over 420 million PayPal users around the World the user count has been growing ever since the starting days of the service. Daily active users can vary per country, however. PayPal use in the UK, for instance, was somewhat higher than in Germany – this is something that is also visible in gamer numbers, when we see, how mobile gaming is growing. The Northern countries such as Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are high in mobility with gaming, but the numbers are significantly lower in countries such as Germany, Italy and Greece – but the Big Change is already happening, and gaming is shifting…

Adults and gaming

The gaming as a leisure activity has become more and more visible – You can see adults playing their mobile games at stations and metros, at work and at home – and no-one actually gives any bigger notice to that – so gaming is ok also for adults. And as the gaming device, the mobile phone, is always with you, it is easy to take those couple clicks and be at a game, or at a casino – where as before, You had to find time to get to the casino, or be at home to play the game at console or computer. And gaming is not the only reason, why the mobile phone is even more used – but for casinos, its a movement to be noticed.

Gaming is for fun, entertainment, and that does not stop when You are an adult, or an elderly – as we now use mobile phones to pay bills, to check with relatives, to create content and to keep up with the World, gaming is even more active in the choices of adult free time entertainment. Gaming at online casinos is almost as watching a movie at NetFlix, or playing a game of chess with online opponent – iGaming is entertainment – you may need to pay for it, but how many online entertainment type has an option to pay for the player? For example already in 2019 Sixty percent of adult gamers in the United States choose to play video games on their smartphones. More over in US for 2021 on average, people spend 1 hour 24 minutes each day playing mobile games (9.8 hours per week). Women are significantly more likely than men to use their phone or tablet for gaming (71% vs 58%) – and this will open even more possibilities for online gaming to reach out for more female customers…

Old casinos

The old casino establishments, the game rooms, betting places have seen the chance in the amount of players coming through the doors every day – so they are in a crossroad to chance the operations totally, or put a “closed” sign at the door… but how have they reacted? We have seen bold moves by big players, that have bought casino operators to operate now on both land and web casinos. We have seen the move in gaming rooms to accommodate more gaming, esports and leisure gaming with betting,as the leisure gaming is even more ok for adults – so why not combine these – in US this is visible, in Europe, not so much… yet.

Mobility is the key for gaming

By the end of last year, Western Europe was home to almost 209 million mobile gamers. Of these gamers in Europe in 2021, almost 33 % where 25-34 years of age, and 26 % of 35-44 years of age in UK, and the numbers are about the same type in Italy, France, Germany and Spain with some variations… and as an example 17% of British betting is already done online – and as the mind set of gamers is changing, and the national laws towards online gaming is becoming more and more open, this means that the gaming is shifting towards the mobility – with even more faster pace – which means that there will be a lot of changes in online casino market, as the current casinos and new casinos are finding new ways to reach these new online gamers. A lot of these gamers play other leisure games at the moment, and one big question is, how to reach these players with the channels that are available. The last move to effect the marketing was with Twitch. Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming site, will ban users from posting videos of themselves playing slots, roulette or dice games on unlicensed gambling sites. The ban does not cover betting on sports, or poker, but it will act to limit the spread of gambling content on the streaming site, where users have long questioned the links between streamers and the gambling sites they promote.

How not to reach players below 18 years of age

Although many esports and leisure games are meant to be played by adults only, the reality is otherwise. There are millions of active gamers in the World playing leisure games, with adult sign, being underage – this is not the case with online casino games, but it results a problem to casino marketers, as one of the main ideas for the future, is to reach out for these adults, that already are playing mobile games – how to showcase them the current slots and livecasino games, which may already look like these games they are playing…


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