How can AI optimize online casinos?


Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming part of the gambling industry, bringing many advantages along with it. Slotegrator’s experts are sharing what they are, and whether artificial intelligence will be able to manage online casinos in the future.

Today, elements of artificial intelligence (AI) are being introduced into virtually every area of the gaming industry, from game development to marketing and player retention. AI has qualitatively expanded the horizons of the industry, creating an environment in which the possibilities of machine control become virtually limitless. 

The gambling industry is an ideal sandbox for AI innovations. Online gambling companies use the vast volumes of data at their disposal to predict risks with increased accuracy, compile odds, segment players, identify audience behavior patterns, optimize rewards programs, and detect fraud — all processes begging for an AI solution.

Ultimately, AI elements benefit both industry players and customers. Let’s take the example of an online casino and see what AI has to offer:

Process Automation. Most online casino processes can be automated: registration, deposits, withdrawals, bonus systems, gathering business intelligence data, etc. These advantages give a head start to platforms where such elements are already implemented.

Security. Security is valued both during gameplay and while making transactions. The online gambling sector is heavily monitored and regulated, making it necessary to rely on top-notch technology to meet regulatory requirements. In addition, programs with AI are excellent at helping identify suspicious behavior.

Safer gambling. Some players need help tracking their spending. AI can create customized budgeting plans for players based on their gaming behavior. These tools allow them to account for income, expenses, and other financial factors. Moreover, players can receive notifications or alerts about spending limits. This way, players can better manage their finances and set realistic spending limits. For the casino itself, digital AI solutions make it easier to track transactions and prevent possible fraud.

Customer service. Chatbots, which offer personalized assistance to casino customers, are quickly becoming indispensable. In addition, they can give players tips and game recommendations — and their 24/7 availability is another big advantage.

Marketing optimization. Using artificial intelligence systems, casinos can analyze customer behavior and preferences, segment them, and offer special promotions. This allows casinos to tailor marketing campaigns and promotions for most of their customers.

“It’s clear that artificial intelligence helps improve gameplay mechanics throughout the lifecycle, personalize the offer to customers, and improve service. Also, AI already has great opportunities to manage online casinos,” says Dmytro Kryvorchuk, sales team lead at Slotegrator. “I am confident that by introducing AI into various online casino processes, it will become possible in the future to offer new gaming solutions to the market that will not only multiply the audience of online casinos in different parts of the world, but also create a new offer in the market.”


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