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Play'n GO online slots top ancient Egypt games

Hunt for hidden treasures with Rich Wilde and search for secrets with Cat Wilde. Fight for the King’s power, follow the wisdom of pharaohs past and the spirits of the future in a gaming experience only Play’n GO can deliver. With over 20 ancient Egypt slots in our collection, there’s a quest for everybody!

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Ancient treasures await

Our ancient Egypt series of slots features the best of Play’n GO: From the iconic characters we’ve brought to life like Rich Wilde and Cat Wilde to the compelling storylines we send you on, there is no more exciting way to travel toward the riches!


Rich Wilde and the Amulet of Dead Play'n GO online slots

In the fourth edition of our popular Rich Wilde series, Rich Wilde’s past is finally catching up with him. Now, he must travel between the realms of the living and the dead and face up to what he’s done.

Join Rich Wilde and follow the advice of Thoth, the god of magic and wisdom, to keep Rich Wilde on the right track for riches!

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Legacy of Dead Play'n GO online slots

There was once an ancient Egyptian King who desired so many riches that not even death could stop him. But the King’s greedy spirit has lived on and he wishes to bestow it upon any mortal who sets it free.

Join the King and his quest for riches in this feature-packed slot. Unlock him from the chains of death to take hold of his worldly powers and grab the riches for yourself!

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Cat Wilde and the Pyramids of Dead Play'n GO online slots

Our favourite adventuress is back and this time, Cat Wilde is out to turn up secrets from the tombs of ancient Egypt that are not meant to be unearthed. Slip up and she may never see the light of day again.

Help Cat Wilde on her hunt for these very special secrets and you will be rightfully rewarded. But beware… One wrong move and Cat Wilde’s legacy could come crashing down!

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Ankh of Anubis Play'n GO online slots

The Mighty Anubis ruled Egypt for 3,000 years, providing great wealth and prosperity to his people. He credits this legendary reign to his ankh, which symbolises eternal life.

Anubis and his ankh have the power to grant this great wealth and prosperity to those he deems worthy and now is your chance.

Prove to Anubis you are worthy and reap the rewards!

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Golden Osiris Play'n GO online slots

As legend has it, the great god Osiris can use his mighty power to turn the golden rays of the sun into real gold. Now, word has spread from his ancient tomb that the legend is in fact true.

With the spirit of Osiris watching over you, use his eyesight and scale pyramids to locate his long-hidden treasure. Claim it for yourself and enjoy the power of a god, too!

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